ALBUM REVIEW: Ready To Fly by T.J. Broscoff

Drugs and alcohol fueled talented musician T.J. Broscoff during his early years culminating in the artist hitting bottom after selling his shoes for a hit of crack. However, Broscoff had a musical gift, and he had previously scored critical success fronting a rock band called "The Unknown." Thankfully, Broscoff managed to do what many others cannot by freeing himself from his addictions and offering some apologies to family and friends. This culminated in a solo Texas country career that produced his moderately successful first album "Detour Phoenix" and his newest album "Ready To Fly," which features the hit single "Pillow."
Broscoff acknowledges his past missteps in the Texas country cut "Trixie," which was named for Broscoff's partner. Likewise, listeners cannot help but notice the artist's hard-edge, country voice.

Relationships are once again on Broscoff's mind on "Hold," which is a laid-back and reflective tune about a friendship between a man and woman that never goes any further. The sweet "Atmosphere" is a melodic gem that reflects on relationships that are new.

The biggest surprise of the album is the reflective title track "Ready To Fly." This song is T.J. Broscoff's autobiography in just over 4 minutes, and it is a deeply personal musical journey that gains even more resonance with the knowledge of his dark past.

The Red Dirt track "Bigger Better Than You" is a boastful song that will be a popular song in bars across the Lone Star State. The current single "Pillow" is a toe-tapping musical delight, and it is followed by "Jamie's Heart," which is a retro-cool track that can best be described as Rick Springfield meets Randy Rogers.

However, the best song on the album is the passionate "Run," and Broscoff's vocal performance is both haunting and confident. The song builds to a rousing crescendo, and the artist's throaty vocals increase the song's impact on listeners.

"Wrong Side Of The Tracks" is a radio-ready cut with a memorable melody, and radio program managers should take notice. The album ends with the tender "Maria Dreams," which discusses a Mexican man and woman who dream of a better life in Texas.

There is no better name for an album by T.J. Broscoff than "Ready To Fly." Broscoff has a musical gift - both his vocal and songwriting talent - that was put on hold while he fought his addictions. Now, he's ready to fly, and this is one plane Red Dirt fans should hop on without delay, because T.J. Broscoff has put the world on notice that he is determined to give both new fans and old a first class seat every time.

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