SONG REVIEW: She's Cold As That Beer She's Drinking by Jamie Richards

In what might be the best song title of the year, Jamie Richards is back with his painfully honest song about a conniving seductress appropriately titled "She's Cold As That Beer She's Drinking." And it's a barnburner.

Back in 2008, we introduced you to Jamie Richards when reviewing his hard-to-find 2007 CD titled "Drive" (read full review by clicking here). Now, Richards is obviously searching his heart for past experiences when he sings: "She's out to prove she's so smart, no one is going to break her heart again" sings Richards. "Don't be fooled," he adds, because "she's cold as that beer she's drinking."

Fans of Red Dirt and traditional country stars will warm to Jamie Richards who sings songs about real life. "I think it was probably from personal experiences," Richards said of the song. "I love women probably too much."

Jamie Richards is a hard-working, traditional Texas country artist that will never be called "flashy," but his quiet confidence and sincere delivery on "She's Cold As That Beer She's Drinking" should win him many new listeners and please all the current fans of this low-key but potent Texas country star.

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