SONG REVIEW: That Girl by Kevin Fowler

With top-notch production, memorable lyrics and some Texas country attitude, Kevin Fowler's new single "That Girl" might just provide fans with almost as much joy as seeing their Red Dirt hero live. And few things in life are more fun than a Kevin Fowler concert.
Fowler's vocals have never sounded better, and "That Girl" could provide an opening for Kevin Fowler to have a Top 5, mainstream country chart hit. The hard-driving song, which references "the summer of 69," is notable for its intensity and could find an equal number of male and female fans.

Fowler's recent hit "Hell Yeah, I Like Beer" was a blockbuster chart single, but "That Girl" will excite an even broader audience. "That Girl" was the brainchild of Clint Ingersoll, who wrote the song along with Texas singer-songwriter Trent Willmon and, of course, Kevin Fowler. “It was kind of a fantasy song,” said Willmon. “She was a fantasy girl.”

Older fans will immediately think of the Marlo Thomas television show titled "That Girl" when they hear the song, but for the younger generation "That Girl" will probably always be known as the mysterious woman Kevin Fowler sang about in his #1 hit song.

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