SONG REVIEW: Heaven and Hell by Tyler and the Tribe

Rockin' the house is no problem for the down-home boys known as Tyler & the Tribe. Like all good outlaw and Red Dirt bands, the Tribe has a little bit of good and a little bit of bad - sometimes a whole lot of the latter. However, this is how Texas loves its country bands, and Tyler and The Tribe's superb new single "Heaven and Hell" gives you a little bit of both.
Tyler and The Tribe
The cut begins with an easy-going sound reminiscent of the best work of Micky and the Motorcars, and it slowly builds to a toe-tapping melody that includes the memorable phrase: "I've got a foot in heaven and one in hell."

The laid-back vocal performance is intensely interesting, and some vocalists might have chosen to oversing. To its credit, Tyler & the Tribe resist the urge, and the song works as a radio friendly sing-a-long song that actually has some added depth upon repeated listens. The band's careful instrumentation also deserves special mention.

In the song, Tyler and the Tribe repeatedly tell us that they have a foot in hell. However, based on this track, the band's career seems to be firmly in an upward trajectory. TexasSongs.com
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