VIDEO REVIEW: Sweet Like Honey by Dave Roberts

Texas singer-songwriter Dave Roberts scores big with the sultry music video "Sweet Like Honey," featuring Roberts' strong country vocals and a leading lady that is hotter than a West Texas afternoon.

As you can see from the video, love is in the air with Dave Roberts' "Sweet Like Honey," and director Evan Kaufmann deserves special praise for his careful attention to detail.

The song itself is a charming tribute to the woman he loves, and the track slowly builds to a passionate display of affection. Dave Roberts, a former Marine, also proves to be a worthy Red Dirt video star with a powerful video stage presence that many new artists lack.

Dave Roberts fans have much to be happy about. Indeed, "Sweet Like Honey" sizzles, and the video might be the exact ingredient to make the DFW native's Texas country music career soar to new heights.
Hometown: Dallas, TX, USA
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