SONG REVIEW: First Love by Pauline Reese

Following a recent win as Entertainer Of The Year at The Texas Music Awards, singer-songwriter Pauline Reese tops off a great year with the brand new single "First Love."

The beautiful songstress delivers an intense and introspective vocal performance with "First Love," which carefully blends Texas country with a cool Taylor Swift-esque sound that works on all levels. The first verse builds to a soaring chorus and shows Pauline Reese could easily find a home on the mainstream country music charts.

The lyrics of "First Love" share a love story from a female perspective while still being accessible to male listeners. And this is no easy feat. Justin Pollard's deft production skills also deserve special notice.

Reese made history as the first female Entertainer Of The Year, and "First Love" is a perfect song to capitalize on her new-found fame and give her a mainstream Top 10 hit on the country music charts.  

Country radio program directors should not hesitate to add Pauline Reese's "First Love" to their playlists.

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